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Your post is anonymous to us. Do not ask for us to contact you. Do not assume we know who you are. We do not.

We don't share
- commercial posts
- requests for employment or requests for free stuff/services
- snarky responses to other anonymous posts
- "free to a good home" posts about pets
- name and shame posts. This includes number plates.
- requests for accommodation / break lease or any type of buy/sell /swap post. There are numerous other pages, groups, EBay and Gumtree for this.
- memes, because in our experience, anonymous memes are anonymous because they're shit and you know it.
- questions that a 1 minute Google search can answer
- political posts
- posts that we think are untrue
- Looking for love posts - although we may publish a limited number at our discretion.

We reserve the right to shorten / edit your post. If you are not okay with this - do not post.

In periods of high volume, not all posts are shared.

Once we share your anon post to the page WE DO NOT DELETE IT. So THINK before you use this feature. Similarly, if you're including a picture with your post, choose carefully as we cannot edit it out on our end and this may result in your post not being shared.

Do not "out" yourself by responding to comments on your post. It really defeats the purpose of posting anonymously and if your post is of a sensitive nature, outing yourself could bring additional pain or embarrassment to yourself or people close to you.

Please think about how your post might be interpreted by others and word it accordingly. This will save you from having to do a follow up post to explain something that has been misinterpreted, which we might not publish.

Finally, if you upload any original image with your post, by clicking submit, you agree to relinquish ownership of the words and image to Gold Coast Community in perpetuity for the purposes of promoting the page or any other use as we see fit.

Please note that due to our collaboration with Hot Tomato your post may also be used in a broadcast on their radio station.

We hope you find the answers you need. All the best.

The Admins
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